Forest after thawing

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都会では桜が散り青葉が芽吹いている頃、雪国の山間部では全く違う光景が広がっている。これらの地域では冬は2mを超える雪に覆われ、その中で森は静かに眠っている。雪が消えても森はすぐに目覚めてはいない。この時期、雪の消えた森に行くと眠っていた森の姿そのものを見ることができる。雪の重みで潰された枯れ草、雪消により湿り固まっている大地、そして曲がった枝、わずかに残る葉。雪国の厳しい冬の痕跡がそのままに残っており感慨深い。ただ、あと2週間もすれば木々は芽吹きやがて新緑となる。木々の中、大地の下ではすでにその準備が始まっているに違いない。 大地や木々の隠された温もりを表現するために赤外線写真を用いて表現した。

While cherry blossoms are falling and green leaves are budding in the city, a completely different scene is unfolding in the mountains of snow country. In these areas, winters are covered with more than two meters of snow, and the forests are quietly sleeping in the snow. Even when the snow disappears, the forests do not awaken immediately. During this season, when you go to the forests where the snow has disappeared, you can see the very forests that were sleeping. Dead grass crushed by the weight of the snow, the earth moistened and hardened by the erosion of the snow, bent branches, and the few remaining leaves. It is deeply moving to see the traces of the harsh winter of the snow country still intact. However, in two weeks, the trees will be budding and will soon become fresh green. The preparation must have already begun inside the trees and under the earth. I used infrared photography to express the hidden warmth of the earth and trees.

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