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 かつては鉄道が通っていたこの地域は、オロロンラインという一本の道で繋がれおり、ほとんど信号のない200キロに近い一本の道である。この道を車で走る度に鰊と石炭、そしてそれを支えた男たちを思わずにはいられない。 そのような男たちを思いつつ「今」を撮し止めてみた。

Teuri Island is a remote island in the Sea of Japan in northwestern Hokkaido, 30 km west of Haboro. The island is a seabird island, where hundreds of thousands of birds, including the ibis and keimafuri, raise their young. It is the only habitat of the Oloron bird in Japan.  There is no doubt that 100 years ago, the northwestern part of Hokkaido, including Rumoi and Haboro, was probably the most vibrant region in Japan. The reason was coal and kipper, and it was the place where the roughest men, such as yanshu and coal handlers, gathered. The herring stopped appearing after 1953, and the Haboro Coal Mine, the largest coal mine in the area, closed in 1970. The Haboro Coal Mine, the largest coal mine in the area, closed in 1970.  The area, which was once served by a railroad, is connected by a single road, the Oloron Line, a single road of nearly 200 kilometers with almost no traffic signals. Whenever I drive along this road, I cannot help but think of the kipper, the coal, and the men who supported it. Thinking of those men, I stopped to take a picture of "now".

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