Kinosaki hot spring resort

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I had an hour or so at Kinosaki Onsen in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, so I took a snapshot of the hot spring resort. The history of Kinosaki Onsen is described in Wikipedia as follows. There is a legend that the hot spring was discovered in 629 during the reign of Emperor Seimei, when a stork was healing a wound. In 717 (the first year of the Yoro period), a Buddhist monk, Douchi Shonin, visited the area and chanted the Eight Mandala Sutras for 1,000 days in order to help people suffering from incurable diseases. As a result, in 720 (4th year of Yoroi), his wish was fulfilled and sacred hot spring water gushed out, which is said to be the beginning of Kinosaki Onsen. Mandarayu, one of the seven out-spa baths in Kinosaki Onsen, was named after this event. Kinosaki is the town where my parents lived during their honeymoon (during the Pacific War). Incidentally, my father was not drafted into the military because he was a science and engineering graduate, but worked as an iron researcher at a military research institute that was evacuated to this area. Despite such a connection, I had never visited this place. I strolled around the area for a short time, thinking back to that time, 80 years ago.

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